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Big project coming up, but no staff to execute it with? Head-hunters and web-sites inundating you with useless resumes? Tired of screening hundreds of resumes to find that one right candidate? Sick of dealing with candidates that are high on resumes but low on skills? NewTelWire’s Staff Augmentation Service can help.

NewTelWire has numerous engineers on staff, that are the best in industry. Not only are they the best at performing engineering services, they also train and mentor engineering staff of wireless operators worldwide. This ensures that our engineers stay at the cutting edge of technology and design/optimization techniques.

In addition, we also maintain a large pool of carefully screened contractors. In selecting contractors, we put them through a very rigorous screening process. We sift through hundreds of resumes a week to find a few good candidates. We then have a detailed technical interview with them on the phone. Those that pass the phone screen are then invited for a next round of intensive (often on-site) interviews. Here we test candidates for their practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge. We evaluate both, hard as well as soft skills. Only after this rigorous screening, do we put a candidate in our “available” pool.

When you need a person, we will have an NewTelWire subject matter expert discuss and fully understand your need. We will then carefully match your requirements with our available resources. So when we suggest a candidate to you, you can be pretty sure that this is a technically sound candidate who is also a team player.

But wait! That is not the end of our involvement. NewTelWire’s subject matter experts are always available to back up the resources that we place. While a project is in progress, if there are any questions relating to technology, standards, best practices, tool usage, etc., these subject matter experts will offer guidance to the people we have placed. Think of this as our “Tier 2” support for your projects!

So – go ahead – be aggressive and take on that new project! NewTelWire’s Staff Augmentation Service will build the right team to make you successful.